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US-4427850-A: Monostable switch device for controlling the rear window washer/wiper of an automobile patent, US-4429427-A: Seating cushion patent, US-4429477-A: Portable ditcher and excavating elements therefor patent, US-4433631-A: Method and apparatus for producing a useful stream of hot gas from a fluidized bed combustor while controlling the bed's temperature patent, US-4435998-A: Roller type planetary gear having a preloading arrangement patent, US-443707-A: Type wbitina machine patent, US-4438476-A: Selectable integrating characteristic timer for protective relays patent, US-446178-A: Bullet-mold patent, US-448424-A: Essington n patent, US-453776-A: Combined fork and rake patent, US-457330-A: Wash ihoton patent, US-466094-A: William evered patent, US-466870-A: Annunciator patent, US-4690761-A: Annular filter disc patent, US-47077-A: Francis william webb patent, US-473572-A: Half to peter sandberg and peter drots patent, US-473873-A: Tack or nail driver patent, US-476832-A: shipley patent, US-4786522-A: Method for plasma treatment of resin material patent, US-479660-A: Filing-cabinet patent, US-486435-A: Type-writer cabinet patent, US-488132-A: Thirds to pierre van alstyne and charles e patent, US-496280-A: Territory patent, US-498564-A: Thomas morris patent, US-499844-A: Disk cultivator patent, US-503417-A: Water-fountain patent, US-504472-A: Mixer and stirrer patent, US-504519-A: Grinding and polishing tool patent, US-517587-A: And cutting machine patent, US-518239-A: Edward goode patent, US-521038-A: House ventilation patent, US-528055-A: Magnetic separator patent, US-534253-A: Joseph elton bott patent, US-5351386-C1: Bundling strap dispenser patent, US-537607-A: Horse-boot patent, US-540982-A: hissiepen patent, US-543176-A: Nut-lock patent, US-545166-A: Mechanical movement patent, US-553454-A: Hose-nozzle patent, US-557440-A: Jakob scitmid patent, US-562368-A: barry patent, US-564974-A: Apparatus for harvesting cotton patent, US-565047-A: Island patent, US-567412-A: Fritz raschig patent, US-567937-A: And john conley patent, US-568797-A: Frank c patent, US-57229-A: Improved spring bed-bottom patent, US-576519-A: Crusher for stone patent, US-588572-A: Windmill patent, US-589572-A: phillips patent, US-590186-A: Of same place patent, US-595457-A: William p patent, US-595686-A: Supporting-stand patent, US-596160-A: Hugo helberger patent, US-596473-A: Theodore brand patent, US-599303-A: Fence-post patent, US-60311-A: William h patent, US-604280-A: Process of and apparatus foe refining crude petroleum patent, US-604321-A: Apparatus for dispensing oil patent, US-608608-A: Wire fence building patent, US-610375-A: Sage-brush grubber patent, US-614923-A: Drawer patent, US-615828-A: Process of purifying acetanilid patent, US-616282-A: Invalid-elevator patent, US-618980-A: Table-screen and fly-fan patent, US-626445-A: Variable-speed gearing patent, US-626671-A: cornely patent, US-629124-A: Method of tawing hides or skins. patent, US-633074-A: Stacker for threshing-machines. patent, US-636771-A: Fire-escape. patent, US-640408-A: Tobacco-pipe. patent, US-642521-A: Junction-box for electrical conductors. patent, US-642827-A: Pneumatic valve for pipe-organs. patent, US-645513-A: Portable bath-tub. patent, US-646445-A: Water supply and heating apparatus. patent, US-648636-A: Means for operating switches in electric tramways. patent, US-654390-A: Induction-coil. patent, US-654841-A: Easel and artist's cabinet. patent, US-655982-A: Garment-fastener. patent, US-656982-A: Electrolytically treating scrap-tin. patent, US-667970-A: Fire-box for boilers or furnaces. patent, US-672206-A: Fire-escape. patent, US-6727094-B2: Cultured cells of Rhaphiolepis umbellata Thunb. and a method for culturing tissues of the Rhaphiolepis umbellata Thunb. by using said cultured cells patent, US-67496-A: Thomas chatterton patent, US-676190-A: Racing trolley-track. patent, US-3802713-A: Lever operated collet chuck patent, US-3836254-A: Optical correlator with optimized maximum and minimum correlation masks patent, US-3882467-A: Complementary field effect transistor memory cell patent, US-3902326-A: Apparatus for and method of shoring a foundation patent, US-3904983-A: Parasitic mode suppressor for high power lasers patent, US-3919053-A: Assembly for specimen culturing patent, US-3951984-A: 3-Benzazocine compounds patent, US-4006640-A: Seal for process pressure to current transmitter patent, US-4120221-A: Arrangement for severing webs patent, US-4162508-A: Synchronizing signal generator for PAL-TV signal processing system patent, US-4176343-A: Portable remote control signal patent, US-4246609-A: Switchable synchronizing-signal generator suitable for several television standards patent, US-4263564-A: Wide-band transistorized amplifier patent, US-4281339-A: Color solid state image pick-up apparatus patent, US-4286310-A: Lantern fed by an electric battery patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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